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sensible girls know the difference between good and bad hobbits

Once Tobin was quite funny. Recently however he's been bitchy without the humour and been downright fucking rude.

Thank you for all hating Tobin as well, it makes me feel better.


I looked in the baby name book and the name 'Tobin' isn't in there. Is it actually a name at all, or did my head invent a name of it's own accord?


And Sarah honey, I can't see the picture on your LJ!!!!

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i don't actually know who tobin is really. but i hate him anyway. the fucking bastard.
what picture on my lj :(

ps. tobin sucks!
Yer baby name book is obviously out o date.
I looked it up;
It turns out 'Tobin' is actually archaic latin for 'Knobhead'.
I actually knew the Latin for knobhead once....
i also suspect that tobin is a made-up name because i've never heard of it before.
if tobin is a made-up name does that mean that he is a made-up person? i think this revelation has made me hate him even more. just how long was he hoping to fool us for????
Well his name is actually Toby. But I swear I was told it was Tobin.

I called him Tobin for months until I was told it wasn't his real name. He even calls himself Tobin now though...

"The name Tobin is Irish and of Anglo-Norman origin having been introduced during the invasion of the twelth century. The original name was rendered as St. Aubyn but the family became completely hibernized so the Gaelic Sept name became Toibin."
'Just what is a Tobin?'

I love it!!!
A Tobin is a hobbit, apparantly